While driving home tonight, I began to reflect on the moon. HAha, get it?! Alright, either way, I find it so amazing that our God would create such a vast universe for us to "play" in, all because He loves us. In creating our wonderful home.. He gave us such a wonderful example, right there in our sky every night! Not only did He give us stars, that He made to twinkle in such an inspiring, fancy way... but the moon. The moon is exactly what we should aspire to be.

The moon is lifeless... it has nothing but dust. Nothing to offer, but it's presence. It is always there, even when you can't see it. Since it has no life of it's own, it is so usable by the sun! The moon reflects but a fraction of the light from the sun... and it gives us the light when we would really need it... in our darkness of night.

Now, Jesus, being the Son... is so perfect in His love, that we can only show a fraction of it with our imperfect, human beings. We know that life comes from God, and God alone... we are simply dust without Him. Meaningless, with nothing of our own to offer.... but when we reflect the love of the Savior.. THEN we can really improve people's nights, when they are stumbling around in their inward darkness.

So, when you look at the moon... be sure to thank God for His subtle reminders to not be the star, but to reflect the rays of light FROM Him!

Love you all!


  1. Well, Cheller... I've learned from the best! (pst) that's you! ;) Glad you man is home! Love you!

  2. Absolutely beautiful, and inspiring!


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