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My sister and I have had a couple disagreements on whether Christmas or Easter is a more important Holiday in the Christian faith. Well, I claim Christmas, and she's for Easter. I've been thinking about it a lot lately, being the Christmas Season and all. I've come to a couple conclusions in my own mind, and I hope they come out in some kind of intelligible order.

There's a song, Welcome to Our World by Chris Rice. If you haven't heard it, you need to. When it comes to Christmas, I'm all for the "magic" of lights and carols and sparkly things... I am, after all, easily entertained. More than those though, I love the imagery of God becoming man. Jesus' sacrifice is definitely important, and the fact that He wanted to save us from eternal damnation is priceless and so profound.... but, the LOVE He showed, by not just saving us... but becoming us. That's the hugest thing for me. The fact that He cares so MUCH for us that He was willing to endure the hardships of life... birth, not being able to communicate for a year, being dependent, growing pains.... it's amazing. We know life is hard, but we've never known anything else. God Himself, gave up the power, the glory, the light... to come and become weak, plain, and scorned to live in the darkness with His creation.

As a conclusion... without Christmas, there would be no Easter.. and without Easter, there would be no reason for Christmas. Thank you God, for the reason to celebrate! Merry Christmas Friends, and Happy Birthday Jesus!


  1. Hayley, you so profoundly echo my own thoughts on the subject of these very holy days. Well written, girl!!!

  2. This is actually your mother. I don't know what I am doing... but I want you to know:
    I am always so stunned by your blogs. Well said. You are wonderful to me!

  3. Thanks Pam... and Mom posing as me! I'm glad it came out so well... I'm enjoying the practice of getting my words out in intelligent sounding ways. :) I randomly think about these things too... mostly in the car while I drive home from wherever. :)

  4. If it weren't for Easter He would have been just a regular baby... I'm just sayin'...

  5. WHAT?! You crazy blasphemer?! He would NEVER be a regular baby... just a regular LOOKING baby! Like I said at the end... without Christmas there would be no Easter, and without Easter, there wouldn't be a reason for Christmas. That and we'd all be doomed. :) I love you, even though you're crazy.... blasphemer. ;)


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