Tonight, I had my eyes opened to one of my true riches in life.

I was stressed all day, about things that are outside my illusion of control. Thank God, a meeting was planned for tonight, and despite my rolling emotions, I went. I have 3 of the best friends anyone could ask for. I was able to vent my little problems away, and they would just listen, or share a similar story. Just to know that I'm not alone, and that we'll survive, and that life can be good despite the speed bumps is so reassuring and liberating!

Friends are SO underestimated in a married woman's life... even more so in a Mother's life. Friends are the ones who hold you up when you think you can't take another step, and they share your burden... even when they have their own to carry. Real friends know that you can share the deep, dark, embarrassing secrets of your past, and not be judged or looked down upon. Friends also keep you sane. Well, as sane as it gets. :)

For my 3 team mates, I love you, and can't imagine diving into this ministry without you! Thanks for listening, and for just plain being there!


  1. Hayley,

    What is amazing about this bond is that it has come so easy and that each member contributes something so special, pivotal and simply refreshing.

    I am glad that last night helped encourage you and bring some delight to an overall bad day. I know that you will work this out and make it through with dignity, as you are a phenomenal mom and wife. I feel blessed everyday for having you in my life, along with some other amazing friends.

    It really is one of God's greatest gifts. "A mirror reflects a man's face, but what he is really like is shown by the kind of friends he chooses." - Proverbs 27:19 I am blessed to have found and chosen you.

    I hope today has been better.

  2. Today HAS been better, thank you! I like that verse, it's perfect for this post! Thank you for listening even when I'm being cranky or whiny... you're great at this job!! Hope I'm as good at it for you!


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