I don't think I'm a Republican anymore... not Dem either!

Is it any wonder our country is headed for destruction? God's been kicked out of our schools, out of our politics, and now it seems He's just moving out entirely. I say that tongue in cheek, but I am terrified by the prospect of my girls living in the country I see in the future.

Only in America would it be inhumane to claw a cat, but acceptable to kill an unborn child. I find a cat clawing up my living room a lot more inconvenient than all 3 of my children! Of course God is withdrawing His blessings from this country... we're killing off His most obvious creations!

I'm not especially intelligent, or super educated... but I know when the government is looking shady. When did they forget who pays their salaries? We, the people, should be able to vote on a pay raise, or a pay dock. With all the crap they DON'T get done.. they should be paid minimum wage.. per hour... see if they take so many recesses then! We should be able to really have a say in the bills being passed. The American people need to stand up and smack the government down! I don't mean the officers or public servants... I mean DC. We need to let them know that we ARE paying attention, and we ARE taking account. They should do what's right for us, and NOT just the bottom line, or the lining of their pockets! Enough is enough.

Ha... maybe I'll run for office! Just so I could be the voice of the people, and the thorn in government's side!


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