President Obama on the Ft Hood shooting.

I am moved to tears after watching our President give a speech on the shooting at Ft Hood. I could not believe it. Unfortunately, I missed it on TV, I had to look it up on youtube. I'm glad though, cause then I could see the speech measured in minutes.

At .30 seconds, President Obama has already thanked several people for participating in the conference. But AT .30seconds he gives a "shout out" to a Congressional MoH winner. Yes he actually said that. At 2 minutes he finally gets around to talking about the tragic events that had occurred only hours before. At 4 minutes... he gets to what's REALLY important. "Me." He actually says: "As Commander in Chief, there is no greater Honor, and no greater responsibility..." I could not believe my ears. Who cares?! Right before that, it was more "campaign promises" about all the work their gonna be doing to get to the bottom of this.. blah blah blah.

The only thing he needed to do, was to get up there, say how devastated he was (even if it's a lie), tell the families and the wounded that they're already working on the details, and that he is hopping in his plane to be there with them. No one needed to know who was there.. or that people had to do any work to get that thing set up. It was a pointless waste of time in a speech meant for a tragic event. What would have happened if he was around for 9/11?! What a travesty. Someone needs to fire his speech writer, and get someone in there with a soul. What a shame.

To the families of the fallen and wounded. My heart weeps for your homes. I pray you find peace in spite of the pain, and joy in the coming days in spite of your loss. My prayers are with you.


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