Kera time...

I had the most wonderful little time with Kera tonight. Time that was over due, and very much needed.

Kera is moving into the other room now. She's in a big girl bed, and no bink. She didn't want to sleep without a bink, and was being cranky. In exasperation I laid down on her bed... mostly waiting for her to comply with direction. Instead, she laid on me with her head on my chest. I couldn't help but hug her and start to bounce my leg for a rocking motion. She said "I like this." I agreed with her. "This is nice." I think so too. "I like you." I like you too, Kera. "I really like you." I love you, Kera.

We rocked and rocked like that for I don't know how long. I wasn't thinking about the dryer running in the background. Or the dishes that weren't in the washer yet. I wasn't thinking about the frustrating debates on Facebook... stupid debates. I was thinking about the last time we really had time like that was before Miya was born. Three years yesterday. That's a long time for a little girl to go without decent cuddling. Now that she's not in a bunk bed, we'll have to cuddle more. I get so irritated with her, that I forget there's a little cuddle bug in there. I love having moments like that. My precious precious Kera.


  1. That, in Michelle's words, is what I would call an epiphany moment! They grow up so fast, Hayley! Cherish the moments...


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