No Pressure.... yeah right.

In the UK, environmentalists have put out a few commercials. They're meant to "encourage" people to reduce their footprint by 10% this year, and 10% next year... the 10:10 campaign.

Now, I'm all for people doing what they can and want to lessen lofty electricity bills, or to improve their own environment. I don't really think about it as much and that's my prerogative. Does that mean someone has the right to blow me up? I know, it sounds like a really dumb question... but that's what the activists think. I've always asked, where is the line? The line that separates the importance of human life, and the importance of nature. When would nature be more important to preserve over human life? Did God not create nature for human enjoyment? Did God not create humans in his own image? Why then, would his precious creation start to kill off each other in order to save the earth? Do they know what God has in store for this planet? I think if they did, they'd lay off the dynamite.

I'm posting a video.. the video has the three commercials, and I'm posting it here hoping children will not see it. I was shocked, and actually horrified by this video... but we need to know what goes on in their heads. It's quite graphic, and scary. If you have a weak stomach, get someone else to watch it and just fill you in. :)

Here's another video of a woman saying a horrifying thing about a suffering/handicapped child.


  1. It's ALL about the image of God... And that's why Satan hates people and why he's made them to hate themselves and others. It makes all the sense in the world if you look at it in a spiritual way.

  2. Definitely! Well stated, Chelle. I can understand self-loathing and all that fun stuff, I just can't tolerate the lessening of a human based on their personal convictions. Think Wemmicks.


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