Quick... before it starts!

Hello friends! I decided I would throw a quick blog up before life gets really crazy again. You know... holidays!

In the past month or two, I've had more "life experience" than I would ever like in such a short time frame! We've celebrated 3 birthdays, said goodbye to Great Grandma Luree, and also put our puppy, Peanut, down. Life and death, all in the same couple months. Either way, I don't really sense a slow down in the pace right now. Thanksgiving is stealthily creeping up on us, and I'm sure it'll catch me off guard, even though I can see it coming. After Thanksgiving we'll have to scrape a Christmas pile together... even if it's small, we always feel like winners. :)

While I'm throwing food around my kitchen and wishing for a cleaning fairy, the girls are growing faster than ever. Talking more and more like girls instead of babies. Adin is learning cursive, and Kera will be reading before the end of Preschool. Miya knows how to spell her name, and is learning to write it. I just know I'm going to sit down in January and start looking for my girls, only to find BIG girls in their place. I'll have to remember to keep them close so they don't grow without my notice!

During the holidays, remember the root reason for these celebrations. LOVE. Love brought people together to worship God for his provision in a new land. Love brought Jesus from his throne to save us all from the doom of our sin. Hugs and Kisses to all our friends and family, from The Broughton Home!


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