My Christmas 2010 Letter

Sweet friends and family! I found that there were many people who should have gotten a letter, and didn't. So, instead of scouring for addresses and more cards and more stamps... I'm going to post it here. :) Hope you like it!

Christmas 2010

My dearest friends and family… I had a letter all written up and ready to print. Then I read it, and read it again. It was VERY depressing. Even though this year was especially difficult, I should be able to find something joyful and charming to share with you… right?! Right. So, instead of running you all through my year of gloom and doom, I’ll share the bright spots.

Love. My family has enjoyed much love this year. Jon and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary, and in a month, our 7th. I was privileged to meet my little nephew Benjamin this year. Now THAT is love. He’s amazing, and very funny! My family also had the opportunity to welcome a new uncle when my Aunt married a wonderful man! Love abundant!

Joy. Joy has been abundant in the midst of sorrow in our home. While we mourned the loss of a friend and a family member, we found joy in each other’s company and humor. Birthdays were celebrated with cake and presents and smiles. We especially enjoyed watching 3 little girls lick pink icing off a cake until only the cake remained uneaten. That cake was thrown away. Watching my girls grow, and become their own little people has been amazing! Joy unequaled!

Hope. My hope is in my God, hope that He can take my painful year, and give me the good memories, while teaching me something through the bad memories. I was never promised an easy life, just that I wouldn’t have to go it alone. I have hope for 2011, that we’ll have more good than bad, and more happy than sad. When the bad and sad do come, because they will, I know that God can handle it. Now if only I could learn to get out of the way. Hope eternal!

I hope my letter has found you and your families in good health, and happy spirits. I also pray that you can look for the Love, the Joy and the Hope in all the seasons of life, not only the Christmas season. May Jesus be your reason for this season!

With all our love,
Jon, Hayley
Adin, Kera, and Miya


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