Father's Day 2011

Every Father's Day I have wanted to write something about my Dad.
I've never known a more loving, affectionate man. My father is
the epitome of human fatherhood! At least in my eyes.

It's easy to have these thoughts and convictions when you have a
father who does his best to consider your future when disciplining
you in your youth. Or when your heart is breaking, he lets you get
it out, and then comforts you. All these were cementing my view of my
father, but nothing like when I became an adult.

When most other fathers would just let their adult children learn from
their biggest mistakes, my Dad drove 8 hours to make sure I KNEW it was wrong
and to appeal to my heart to change. When that change was coming to fruition,
I bet only my dad would cry and blame it on allergies.

When I got into a hard situation, one I could not help, my dad would make that
8 hour trip again to hold me. Even though he probably didn't want too, my dad
let me leave his safe nest again. When I had to return again, he was there with
a truck and a trailer. My dad let me live in his house for 6 months, and then
walked me down the aisle to give me to my best friend.

Now my most awesome father is a Grandfather, and he's down right disgusting.
I thought he was loving and affectionate with me, but now he gushes. I can tell
that he loves me TONS cause his love is exponential toward his grandchildren.
While I could end this as a loving ode to my Dad, everyone should know that
my Dad is the one who also lead me to my relationship with Jesus... twice. He
has always been the example I drew from when trying to understand the love and
discipline of God. My Dad is far from perfect, and he's perfectly human, but I
can't imagine a better Dad.
Happy Father's Day!

~Hayley (Bell) Broughton


  1. It brought tears to my eyes, knowing your dad it is so easy to picture him doing all these things. What an amazing relationship!


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