Christmas: the beginning of the most amazing love story ever told.

Christmas is the only time God has been dependent on humans. Becoming a human baby, possibly the most helpless of his creations. He does not NEED our worship, though he requires it. He does not NEED us to prove his existence, though he chooses to work through people often. Worship, while for God, is also for us... We, as fickle humans, need the time to reflect and remember God's awesome power and love... not to mention all his promises.
In all he did, it was all about us. He could have been born to a king and ruled forever, but he chose to come as a humble, lowly baby; born to suffer like us, hurt like us, and ultimately die like us... for us.
God... in all his infinite knowledge and power, knowing we could do NOTHING to get back to him.. stepped out of the freedom of Eternity, and into the painful confines of time and decay. That's how we know God loves us, and that's how we truly can celebrate Christmas and Easter. From birth to death, it was ALL for us. Merry Christmas!!


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