Mystery Gifter

The Broughton home has a mystery gifter. That's right, and anonymous friend who leaves gifts on our door step and leaves. We don't know who, and we're not quite sure why... other than they love us. :)

The first strike was bewildering. Saturday night/Sunday morning at around 12:30am I was almost asleep after a late night of a company dinner, a movie with the hubby and no kids in the house. All of a sudden I found myself jumping out of my bed in a semi panic cause the doorbell had rung several rings. Thinking it might be my dad with an unhappy child I ran to the door, only to find no person, and a gift bag. I picked it up and returned inside... still holding the bag. I opened it to find a lovely candle hurricane lamp and a pillar candle to match.

The second strike was right after dinner the next night. I just walked to the door after one ring and there lay a wrapped gift with a tag. To the Broughan Girls, From Santa. Two books had arrived for my girls, and we read them on the spot. They think this is wonderful fun! I think this is getting stranger, and names run through my head like credits after a movie.

The third strike was tonight. However, we were gone when they came. I don't know if they rang the doorbell. We were at dinner at my parent's house and when we were driving up the driveway, I could see another small package at our door. Same writing, same kind of tag. The girls are the happy owners of three little pony toys.

Now, I'm loving this mystery, and as much as I want to solve it... I'm torn. I feel the need to solve this like a puzzle, but knowing that someone loves us enough to plan and sneak around and add this fun twist to our Christmas season is touching. We've never been loved in such a way, and it just makes me that much happier that we're here instead of still in Phoenix.
So, if the mystery gifter is reading.. Thank you.. for the gifts, and for the fun! We're still trying to figure it out, but really only to say Thank you! We love you too!

Merry Christmas!!


  1. I don't know why, but this made me cry a little! Awesome!

  2. Hehe... welcome to motherhood my darling sister! I love you!

  3. That is so awesome, and what a great idea!! How nice. Merry Christmas!


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